Copy of About AngelEd

Born in Chicago, yet raised in Riverdale. From burning all of my Barbie's hair, to having actual clients in my chair. At age 13, I became an entrepreneur by using my friends at Roosevelt Junior High school as live dolls who became my hair models. Soon enough, my gift became my passion and transformed into my clientele. I continued braiding hair and building my clientele throughout high school and used my gift as means to get through college. 

 At Moody Bible Institute, I studied Women's Ministry and Communication to sharpen my skills in the hair industry. It has always been my goal to be the stylist for women and girls who  desire a professional, yet powerful experience at their hair appointment.

•Blessed Beauty Sessions• 

As a wife and mother of two gorgeous daughters, balancing time with family and building my career and legacy, I understand the importance of planning ahead. This website was designed for women like myself, who deserve their time and spend their money wisely. Time is precious, we will never get it back. My plan is to affirm the greatness in every girl or woman who books an appointment with Hair By Angel Ed, and you can expect a Blessed Beauty session for sure.♥️