About AngelEd

My name is Angel Ed. I am incredibly passionate about the beauty of Queens. I provide hair care and consultation to women who are looking to enhance their natural beauty and learn how to maintain healthy hair by creating hair plans for my clientele. The women who gravitate towards my chair are far from complacent and completely dissatisfied with mediocrity. These women aggressively tackle their goals and accept nothing less than "Queen Things Only."


I'm especially drawn to the women who sit in my chair who have just begun to dream again. I am driven by excitement about new ventures, fresh ideas, and testimonies that even fuel my own personal faith. I am a dope ass wife *he said it like once so I'm running with* and a mother of two girls with curls. I pride myself in having the wealthiest clientele, simply because the women I reach, are building beyond today. They are authors, mompreneurs, owners of many businesses, all creating generational wealth for their families.

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