My 4 Favorite Braid Accounts on Instagram

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My 4 Favorite Braid Accounts on Instagram

Social media has revolutionized the way hair braiders communicate and develop artistically. Tutorials, product reviews and testimonials are much more available than they were just five years ago. Where braiders were once geographically isolated, learning and practicing exclusively in intimate settings, we now enjoy a genuine sense of connection with our international peers.

By using social media to enhance our communication, we have the ability to observe global trends in the hair braiding industry. Here are the top four braid artists you should go follow right now. 

@crowezilla, owned by Shani Crowe

Shani Crowe is a well-known hair braider from Chicago. She's styled celebrities, held critically acclaimed art shows, and pushed the conventional boundaries of hair braiding. The @crowezilla feed features showstopping artistic braid creations tempered by a pleasantly familiar South Side authenticity. I feel at home whenever I scroll through this feed, and the consistently creative innovation is refreshing. 

@hairbysusy, owned by Susan Oludele

Colorful, intricate detailing and a punchy aesthetic guarantee interest in every frame of the @hairbysusy feed. The content from this feed is not only visually stimulating, but also emotionally empowering because of its unmistakable air of regality.

@kersti.pitre, owned by Kersti Pitre

Kersti Pitre is a very popular YouTube sensation that amassed a loyal following based on her self-braiding artistry. The decidedly bold color choices and a clear-cut commitment to self-care makes the @kersti-pitre feed a pleasure to view. My favorite part about this feed is that whether she's wearing a wig, a short natural, or a set of waist-length feed-in braids, Kersti Pitre oozes confidence.

I am always here for a practical demonstration of self-love and positivity. 

@hairbyangeled, owned by Angel Edwards

This motivational feed represents everything good about Chicago braiding culture. Crisp parts, intricate styling, and expert execution dot the @hairbyangeled feed. Positive affirmations encourage followers to live their best lives, and you can believe there is not a single baby hair out of place on this feed.

The advancement of social media has given us unprecedented access to a completely organic flow of artistic creativity in the hair braiding industry. A wealth of information is available right at our fingertips. I love scrolling through these social media channels to feel a sense of connection to the global hair braiding industry.

What are your favorite channels to scroll through? Let me know in the comments!  


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