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I am always here for a practical demonstration of self-love and positivity. 

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Braids are the best! A long-standing staple in the Black community, women of all ages regularly rock some variation of a braided hairstyle. And that's awesome because braided styles offer a plethora of benefits, particularly when compared to traditional straightening methods.  Here are four reasons I love braids!  Braids are low-maintenance. As long as you oil your scalp periodically and try to keep a covering on your head while you sleep, braid upkeep is a breeze. Summer humidity, unexpected rain, and even natural night sweating are no match for the durability of braids.  Braids are long-lasting. Braids are famously durable,...

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Make your princess feel like a star by staying up-to-date with this year's Back-to-School Black hair trends for girls!

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